4 Key Benefits of Video Analysis in Football

4 Key Benefits of Video Analysis in Football

Through the enhancement in technology and its increased integration into Sports over the years, Video Analytics has started to play a bigger role in performance analysis on a personal as well as team level.

At SportsKPI, we want to help players and teams understand themselves better, which assists in further development with our Football Analytics Platform.

Here, we would like to elaborate on the vital benefits of video analysis and why it has been given so much importance in the world of sport.


Pointers given to a team can be more effective if they were shown why things worked and why things didn’t go according to plan, since the human mind is better at watching the picture rather than imagining the picture.

Visual Communication when compared to verbal is much easier, especially when asking players to recollect the past.

2. SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Strengths) ANALYSIS

A good team is well aware of not only their strengths but also their weaknesses and this is one of the most important reasons why video analysis is done with teams now. Players are very well aware of their own SWOT analysis as a group and as individuals as well thanks to Video Analytics


It gives coaches a better understanding of how to prepare the team as a whole and players on an individual level are well aware of their direct opponents as well in the field, based on positioning ( Centre Midfielder Vs Centre Midfielder, Wing Backs Vs Wingers).


Due to a better understanding of the scenario shown to the athlete, the inputs to and from the athlete are much more precise and concise which creates a better environment for healthy and effective feedback within the team.

To assist you all with right video and analysis, we have launched Football Analytics Platform for player development.

Article by our Football Expert – Ashwin.