5 Key Self Assessment Points while watching your Football Match

5 Key Self Assessment Points while watching your Football Match

We are  keen to assist players in furthering their development and our Football Analytics Platform was created solely for that purpose.

Access to your match videos  -> Watch your matches  ->  Make your own assessment -> Improve & Develop

Self-Assessment and reflection play a big role in player development as it helps identify areas with room for improvement and with our platform now in place, players can do just that as they can now watch the games they played in. To help with this process of self-assessment, we have listed out some key pointers to look out for from both a tactical and technical point of view, as it will help you be not just a better player but more importantly, a smarter one.

1. Scanning – Tactical

  • Am I scanning before receiving the ball?

  • How often do I scan before I receive it?

  • What Information am I trying to collect before receiving the ball?

Frank Lampard was said to have scanned his environment 8 times every 10 seconds.

The average Premier League player scans his environment 6 times every 10 seconds, where do I match up?

2. Body Orientation (Receiving on the Half Turn / Back foot ) ( Technical )

Receiving on the back foot is one of the most important techniques of any player regardless of the position played by them.
While watching your Match clip, judge each action. Are you receiving comfortably on your back foot during both pressurised and non-pressurised situations?

Am I scanning before receiving on the back foot and also am I always receiving using my stronger foot even in situations where the better option would have been to go with my weaker one?

3. Positioning – Tactical

The most important assessment in the game of football is your positioning. The average time a player is on the ball in a game is 3 minutes and what you do for the rest of the game is all based on your positioning.

Are you able to identify the right space during the game?
In various team actions, regardless of whether you are involved in it or not can you be in a better position after the self-assessment?

4. Decision Making – Tactical

  • How do my decisions off the ball help me when I receive the ball?

  • Am I over dribbling or am I under dribbling?

  • Where was the better pass? Who was a much better option and why?

  • Should I have controlled the ball or not?

  • Should I have taken a heavier touch?

  • Am I moving too late?

  • Am I seeing the picture too late?

  • Am I Reactive or Proactive?

5. First Touch – Technical

  • Is my touch into space or am I unnecessarily controlling the ball and delaying play?

  • Is my first touch towards my opponent’s goal or is it away from it and towards my own goal?

  • Is my half-turn wrong which caused my first touch to be technically wrong?

Keeping these pointers in mind when reviewing your match footage will go a long way towards the goal of any young footballer, which is to improve with each passing day!

Article for our Football Expert – Aswhin