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Our Mission

In this day and age, Performance Analysis is key to gaining an advantage in the games. Want to know why your team or specific players aren’t performing up to standard or desire to see them take that next step in their progression? Well, we have got you covered! With over years of experience in the domain, SportsKPI has helped teams across the country gain an upper hand on the field with cutting-edge analytics.

Match Analysis

Deep insights into the action that took place on the field, which helps improve performance going forward.

Match Reports

Detailed match reports in order to track performance and progression. Helps identify areas for improvement.

On Field Consultation

Our analysts, with years of experience in the field, will always be at hand to provide assistance when called upon.

Match Analysis

Detailed reports to provide insights into the opposition so that you are never caught off-guard in the big moments. Check out patterns of play, strengths, weaknesses, and a whole lot more from a tactical aspect of the game to gain an advantage before you even step out on the field.

There is always room for improvement and every day presents an opportunity to get better. Our post-match analysis helps to narrow down the areas to work on, which in turn, enhances the performance on the field in the future.

Match Reports

Tracking the performance over the course of the season is of utmost importance and we provide detailed match reports for every single game you play. Get customized reports as per your requirement which contains in-depth stats on both a player and team level which helps identify the areas where there is room for improvement.

Customized reports built as per your requirements to accurately track player performance as well as progression. Helps determine aspects that need to be worked upon in order to help the player elevate their game to the next level.

On Field Consultation

In-game adjustments can often be the difference between winning and losing. Our experienced analysts are always at hand for consultation during critical moments in the game. Whether it be pressing on from an advantageous position or turning the tide in your favor, our analysts provide the best course of action.

Our Clients


SportsKPI were of great importance for our team. They showed a lot of dedication and put a lot of effort to perform their work in the best possible way.
Football Coach
In a Very Competitive World of Football, Knowing and Understanding the Strengths and Weakness of Your Own Team and that of Opposing Teams Helps You Prepare Better and Perform Better Day In and Day Out.
Thangboi Singto
Head Coach, Shillong Lajong FC
I worked with Aravind (Football Analyst from SportsKPI ) during he 2017-18 ISL season at ATK.. He was extremely professional and maintained very high standards of work at all times.

Nick Harvey
Strength & Conditioning Coach ATK

Trusted By Industry


SportsKPI helped my entire team immensely during ProKabbadi season 4 and 5. Starting from the auction process,to building strategies for every game.
Uday Kumar
International Kabaddi Coach
In every sports, Visual communication plays a major role in overall learning process of players. SportsKPI helped us with detailed analysis which improved accountability and performance of each player.

Floyd Pinto
Head Coach, Indian Arrows
SportsKPI has been very thorough in their work and were a great help to us during my time at Kingfisher East Bengal. I would have no hesitation in recommending SportsKPI for any analysis work you may want done.
Trevor Morgan
Head Coach Kingfisher East Bengal FC