Build up – Pro Kabaddi League Auction

Build up – Pro Kabaddi League Auction

Sports has always stolen the limelight ever since it has found its craze and following. But is it possible for any sport to exist without stats, or without having a win loss record, or without having people break these recorded records? The answer is mostly a no. Close followers of a game surely have in mind how a team or a player has performed in the past and it gets all the more better with proper data and the right analysis. If you feel having the numbers and past data record in hand is all that matters then you might probably have to rethink once again. For this we know is not all that we need; the pro kabaddi league is all set to kick start soon and what’s better than an interesting league coupled with an even more interesting analysis of data.

This makes the entire season right from the bidding to the league finale nail biting and seat gripping. Not sure how players are ranked? Only famous players steal the show? Top Raiders? Top Defenders? Underrated players? Get better value for a player?


All this has fortunately a common answer of ranking players keeping in mind every parameter and every metric, allotting fair weights to them and pulling down a list that can answer it all. This is one way that no player is left behind and unexposed talent can climb its way right to the top. Like every season of the pro kabaddi league being bigger and better, this has more to wait for and watch out to.

(Article by Smrithi Gade Analyst @SportsKPI)


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