SportsKPI’s Kabaddi Performance Index

Author: Gautam Varier

We’re now approaching one of the most important periods in the Kabaddi season in India, the Pro Kabaddi League auction, which is set to take place from 8th to 9th September. Championships are won and lost on the mat, but to be in a position to compete for the ultimate prize, teams need to nail the auction.

We at SportsKPI have assisted PKL teams for years now in formulating auction strategies to achieve optimum results. In recent times, we have built up our own easy-to-use, but extremely insightful PKL Auction Tool called the Kabaddi Performance Index.

Using all the historical data in our hands and integrating it into Machine Learning models has helped us further enhance the tool and we’re delighted to announce it is now better than ever! Here’s a bit of a sneak peek at what it offers.

PKL Auction View

The Auction View provides you with some very important details. It includes the purse amount left with every team along with the squad view which details the position of need for each team. You can also see the price for each and every player in the PKL.

Impact Index

One of the biggest advantages of using our tool is getting recommendations on the players to pick. These aren’t based just on eye tests or raw numbers, but by having a deeper dive using our ML models. 

Kabaddi Impact Index is an index created by SportsKPI based on our Win Prediction Model that shows how many times a Pro Kabaddi player has impacted the win probability of a match by more than 5%.

Khelo India University Games

The auction tool also provides access to data on players who took part in the Khelo India University Games. It helps identify the superstars of the future and these New Young Players (NYPs) can be the pillars of a franchise for years to come.

There is a whole lot more that our tool offers, and if you are interested in learning more about these features, do reach out to us at

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