SportsKPI join hands with INMOTIO
for an Indo European Partnership


SportsKPI is now associated with Inmotio with the objective of building Football tracking data concentrating the European market.

The concept of tracking data in Football opens up so many horizons in regard to what’s possible with analysis and the collaboration is looked upon as one that involves constant improvement and developing newer concepts in the field. Our expertise in providing high-quality sports analysis and solutions driven by data and our endeavor to connect technological and analytical advancements with sports will find a great boost with this association.

Both companies look forward to the partnership as one that provides huge learning opportunities in the respective markets.

About Inmotio

Inmotio is a Dutch-based organization that helps its customers with the most accurate sports tracking system delivering real-time data for tactical and physical performance analysis in sports.

In football, with the likes of several Federations, clubs, academies, and universities around the world, Inmotio has been a constant provider of data solutions. Inmotio has engaged with clients such as the KNVB, PSV Eindhoven, Red Bull Salzburg, and SL Benfica.

Meanwhile, Inmotio’s mostly industry experience is in football, but the company is constantly expanding its portfolio into different sports such as Ice Hockey, Handball, and other indoor sports. Inmotio has gained a clear understanding of how data solutions can lead to improvement in on-field performance.