SportsKPI And Southern SuperStars Team Up For An Analytical Partnership

Author: Gautam Varier

SportsKPI is delighted to announce that we are the official analytical partners for Southern SuperStars in the Legends League Cricket. After our successful forays into the world of Football, Kabaddi, and Kho Kho, we are extremely excited and thankful for this opportunity that has been provided to us by the SuperStars.

We worked closely with Superstars during the planning stage for the Player Draft and were invited to be on the table for the Draft itself. Our insights helped the SuperStars in their quest to put together the best possible team and we’re excited to see the action unfold, with the tournament commencing on November 18.

SportsKPI CEO Naveen Ningaiah (3rd from left), Pic Credit: Southern SuperStars

The SuperStars’ campaign begins on November 21 against Urbanrisers Hyderabad in Ranchi in what is sure to be a spectacle. We will be there, of course, with our analyst traveling with the team to assist them. The team will be provided with top-notch data and video analysis in order to help them achieve the best possible results on the field. Here’s to this being the beginning of a long and successful partnership.

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