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Sports Analytics is a crucial component of our sports ecosystem. SportsKPI has been working at improving performance and providing end to end solutions to top football clubs in India. The course they offer gives aspiring sports managers a platform to upskill themselves using industry standard tools. It was great to interact with the batches and share knowledge and insights from my experiences to these future leading analysts. I would recommend this course to anybody interested in getting into the Sports analytics market.

Pradhyum Reddy

Course Overview

Provides Coaches and Athletes with Information that helps measure their performances. We provide a HOLISTIC solution for teams. 


It’s a Live online course which will be conducted on specific time and days via an online platform 

No Prerequisites requirement.  Basic understanding of any sports would do.

Course are conducted on Weekdays and Weekends . Tuesday & Thursday – 8pm – 10 pm. Saturday & Sunday – 10 am – 1 pm

Certificates are issued by SportsKPI and not accredited to any other organization right now.  

After finishing the course, you will be part of the sports analytics community and details of internships and Jobs will be updated there. 


I wish to express my gratitude to SportsKPI on the Sports Analytics for beginners' course. They were excellent in their presentation, understanding of different development stages of the participants and delivery of the content. This course has opened my eyes to learn more and understand better the concept of Sports Analytics though data and data points to bring out meaningful information to use in team talks and players/team analysis. I was recommended the course via a mutual friend and I wouldn't hesitate to pass this onto my other colleagues'. Highly recommended.

Gregg Britton

UEFA A (Head Coach)

SportsKPI's 3 week Sports Analytics course is a one of its kind entry ticket into this massive field. Personally, I was very satisfied with how the course was structured and taught by both Naveen and Sushanth.
The topics covered a wide range of topics right from the various gaps in the industry to video analysis to using MS-Excel effectively and finally using Python to webscrape and neatly organise the data. Both the instructors were extremely patient proceeding with the class and clearing every single doubt while making sure everyone felt included.
It's also the best place to network and fraternize with other fellow sports enthusiasts. Our classroom had an impressive range of participants right from students like myself to people working in the IT field right to UEFA PRO certified coaches. All class videos are uploaded, so that we can refer to them how many ever times we may need to and finally we are made to practice everything we learn in class to better understand the concepts. I would recommend everyone to take this course without even giving it a second thought! Cheers!


I wanted to get into this field of data analytics with a particular inclination towards sports and sports analytics. I was looking for a lot of materials online and offline,that is when I came across this cause called sports analytics course. And I immediately decided to enroll because I wanted to try it out and learn something. 

It was a really good decision because the people who were taking the class are from SportsKPI and they had really experienced in the field of sports analytics.

So we learned a lot of tips and tricks and techniques and mindsets as to what to do in the field of sports analytics, to enter it, to sort of, you know, break the competition and make it out there. And, you know, it was really inspiring. But also, we did a lot of hands-on working with the real sports data, building models and analyzing it. Another highlight was the expert interaction where we got to interact and ask questions to some of the best coaches and analysts in the sports industry right now.

Anyone looking for sports analytics related course. So this is the best place to stop. I'm sure.

Thank you.


The Sports Analytics course by SportsKPI was well structured and it catered for all levels.The SportsKPI tutors were very knowledgeable about their trade and the learning environment they created was pleasant.I would recommend this course to any individual who wants to learn analysis in depth .

Brian Nyabvure

Zambian Football Coach

Sports analytics course for beginners from SportsKPI is a really good course for anyone who's interested in sports analytics and is looking to learn in this area because it teaches you a lot. From a practical perspective and what is a day out in the real world, both in India as well as abroad, from people who are already working in the field and the experts who have been there for yours, both in India and abroad, which I think it’s really good.

It teaches you video analysis, data analysis, and also excel and data science in sports, which is really helpful and would also help you to learn a lot and possibly get a job.


I would like to thank SportsKPI for taking up this initiative. It was a great learning experience for me and also to get a hands-on experience on  Video Analytics tool and also working on the sports team data. It was a wonderful experience and also the sessions on excel and python were useful for me.

If you want to get to know what happens in the sports ecosystem, this is a great way. And also you get to network with people and creating a community that is great.

Thank you.



Naveen Ningaiah

Naveen is the Founder of SportsKPI, an organization which strives to improve the performance of sports teams through end to end solutions using technology, math and the knowledge of the sport. Having 10 years of corporate IT Experience, he followed his passion to integrate Sports with Technology in order to improve performance of Sports team.

Ratul Chowdhary

Ratul has extensive experience in implementing end-to-end solutions with Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Object Detection approaches in Python. Worked on Projects like UCL analysis, Goal per shot predictions, Win predictions for a football match.