Role of Football Analyst – Indian Arrows

Role of Football Analyst – Indian Arrows

It was a great experience working with the Indian Arrows National Football (Indian U- 19) Team. Indian Arrows, a team with the zeal to encourage and develop the young minds in sports field. It’s been a great pleasure working with the team. Indian Arrows consists many young kids with the thirst to succeed. In addition, working under top Coaches was a great learning and has benefited my career as an analyst.

I started my Journey from the Practice session where the players are assessed based on their performances .My work included recording and analyzing the game then providing statistical & technical report of the team and the players. Upon reviewing the clips, reports provided, the coaches. The reports helped the coaches in analyzing the performance of individual player in the practice session.

The main Job of a Football Analyst is to analyze the whole game to understand the strength and weakness of the opponent. As an analyst, I watch matches of our opponents and analyze their game to know their strategies ,strengths,weaknesses, their style of play, their key players (movements), their Formation, and off course their set-pieces, which is very important for any team. These information to coaches helps in lot many ways to alter or develop their own team’s strategy.

Right after the game, I code the game into different video clips as per coach’s requirements and discuss about the positives and negatives in the game. Statistics was one of the important things that we looked at. Statistics helped us to compare our performance with opponent’s. At the right time and the mental state of players, the coaches would take a call when to share it with the players.

With no foreign players in our squad, our players (all under the age of 19), our performance was one of the best when compared to other teams It was tough to beat us. We had the youngest Goal Scorer, Best goal score for the season (2017- 18), and we had the top goal scorer (Indian) .

Performance analysis not only helps the team to analyze their own game but also helps to compare it with their opponent. It also plays a major role in the performance of the team /players.


Article by our Football Analyst – Prashanth Murthy