Performance Analysis

Provides Coaches and Athletes with Information that helps measure their performances. We provide a HOLISTIC solution for teams. 
  • Opponent Analysis
  • Live Match Analysis
  • Post Match Analysis
  • Stats & Reports

Fitness Tracking

Provides Coaches and Athletes With Information that helps measure their performances 

  • Wellness
  • Injury Prevention
  • Training Loads
  • Work Rate

Player Scouting & Team Development

70 % of expenses for any sports teams – Player SALARIES.                                                                  By leveraging Stats and Algorithms, we enable teams to sign the right players and guide them to take smart decisions to build a winning team
  • Player Profiles
  • Under Valued Players
  • Compare Players
  • Budget Optimization
  • Advanced Metrics
  • Team Profiles

Knowledge Sharing

We believe in sharing our knowledge and empowering others with our leanings and capabilities.
  • Sports Analytics Courses
  • Workshops on Sports Analytics
  • Empowering Coaches with SportsTech