PKL 4 Preview : Telugu Titans

PKL 4 Preview : Telugu Titans

Telugu Titans had a disappointing season last time out. They finished 5th, but never looked like playoff contenders. Rahul Chaudhari had an offseason. And their defense lost deepak Niwas Hooda and also their Left Corner Sandeep. They couldn’t replace them adequately and paid the price.

This season, they have recruited well. They retained their two best players – Rahul Chaudhari and Sukesh Hegde. They have signed the best player of PKL 3, Sandeep Narwal. They have also addressed the problem left corner position by signing Sandeep Dhull from Delhi.

Lets have a closer look at their squad for this season: First up, the raiders


Telugu_Successful Raids

Telugu had good raiders in Rahul, Sukesh and Rohit Baliyan. They were the second best raiding team in PKL3. They lost Rohit Baliyan to Bengaluru Bulls. They have signed largely unproven players. Telugu_Successful Raids

Vinoth Kumar is a very raw raider and has a lot to learn. But, Telugu will hope he can have a breakthrough season like Pardeep Narwal had for Patna. Prapanjan got a few opportunities for U Mumba but he did not take them and was disappointing. He will get opportunities here and he may be able to use his height as an advantage.


The other raiders dont inspire confidence and telugu will hope they can sign a raider from the services to strengthen them.



Telugu Titans have signed good players for all the four positions. Sandeep Narwal is one of the best right corners in India. Jasmer is a great Right Cover. But he had his best season last season playing as a right corner for Pune. How he plays at Right Cover will be interesting to see. Sandeep Dhull is one of the best emerging left corners. He has a propensity to make rash tackles. If he can cut it out, then he can be one of the stars of the tournament. Vinod Kumar is an interesting player. He was good for Patna then got injured and did not feature again after that. But, he is definitely an upgrade over Rahul Kumar who played as Left Cover last season.


Overall, Telugu have a very strong starting 7. But, their lack of strength and depth will be an issue through the long season. They will be challenging for one of the playoff spots this season and should be able to finish in one.

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