Kabaddi Performance Index Part – 2:
Pressure Ranking And Situational Players

Author: Gautam Varier

Part 1 of the sneak peek into the SportsKPI Kabaddi Performance Index covered aspects such as the Impact Index, the Khelo India University Games, and the Auction View. Part 2 reveals two of the other key aspects of our Auction tool which helps teams come up with the perfect strategy to eventually have success on the mat.

Pressure Ranking

SportsKPI’s Machine Learning-based high-pressure rankings are derived from cross-categorization of multiple situations that happened on the mat in PKL Season 9 where a player was successful in getting points in a critical situation that highly affected the outcome of a particular match.

The Pressure Ranking is one of the biggest advantages of using the auction tool. We all know how looking at just the raw numbers is not the best way to evaluate players. There is so much more that goes into it and the Pressure Ranking looks into some of those factors.

It takes into account the time remaining in the game and the situation that the player finds himself in. The situations include the likes of do-or-die, all-out, winning points in 4 & 5-man defense, to name a few.

For example, a player breaking a tie in the game in the first half isn’t exactly doing so in a high-pressure situation. Doing it with a couple of minutes remaining in the second, though, is a completely different matter and earns them a higher spot on the rankings.

Not everyone can perform when the stakes are at the highest and the rankings help identify those who shine the brightest when the lights are the brightest.

Situational Players

The Kabaddi Performance Index also identifies the players who perform the best in various situations on the mat. We have classified them into four, High Defense, Medium Defense, Low Defense, and Do or Die.

High Defense means situations where there are 6-7 defenders on the mat. Medium Defense indicates the time when there are 4-5 defenders and Low Defense is for 1-3. Do or Die, of course, speaks for itself.

We have highlighted the players who do well in each of these four situations. You’d be surprised to find that players are actually a lot more effective in certain situations than others. Having a correct mix of these helps to balance out the team and identifies the players to target in the auction. It also assists in formulating strategies during the game based on the specialty of each player.

There’s even more that our Kabaddi Performance Index offers and if you’re interested in learning everything there is to know about it, then reach out to us at info@sportskpi.com.

Pic Credit: Pro Kabaddi League

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