Indian Play-Makers Vs Foreigners

Indian Play-Makers Vs Foreigners

For some time now, Indian fans have been itching-out for a change in the style of play for the National Team to more possession based.

And with the emergence of players like Anirudh Thapa, Sahal Abdul Ahmed, Amarjit singh, Raynier & Rowlin, we might have the personnel to flourish under the igor stimac’s new game model.

So, let’s take a look at how these players performed in the domestic leagues last year with some specific parameters in question.

Form the above, we conclude Indian midfielders are involved relatively less in possession & also give the ball                away more often than foreigners.

Though passes are not an ideal parameter for analysis as they can be backward & passes across thus, we have also chosen Forward passes which would give a much better view on their contribution in build-up. From which we conclude Indian players only make close to 10 vertical passes which is almost half of foreign players.

From the above analysis, we understand Indian midfielders have the potential to play a key role, & can become genuine creators for their respective club sides but for now foreigners are the ones who make all the difference. One thing is for sure, our creative players must play the catalyst role for their respective clubs to thrive at the International stage.

Article by our Football Analyst – Raunak Jolly