Expanding Boundaries with Sports Analytics
SportsKPI join hands with
Ultimate KHO KHO

SportsKPI is now joining hands with the team Telugu Yoddhas in Ultimate Kho Kho to extend their expertise in the field of Kho Kho analysis.

Origin of the homegrown sport and the introduction of “Ultimate Kho Kho” 

India is a country of rich culture, heritage, and art. Moreover, there are few significant sports originating from the state of India. Kho-Kho is one of the oldest traditional outdoor sports in India.

The introduction of Kho Kho during the South Asian Games, 1987 held in Kolkata, and at the same time formation of the Asian Kho-Kho federation helped Kho-Kho to go big on the world stage. Globally, Kho Kho is played especially in Asian countries like Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, and Korea including England.

Meanwhile, in India, after the magnificence of Cricket, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi, Badminton, and Wrestling leagues, the country’s first-ever professional Kho Kho League has been launched in collaboration between Dabur Ltd Chairman, Amit Burman and the Kho Kho Federation of India(KKFI) with the primary objective of making Kho Kho more popular with an established fanbase.

SportsKPI join hands with GMR group’s Telangana franchise – Telugu Yoddhas

In a massive boost for Ultimate Kho Kho, corporate giant GMR group has acquired the Telangana franchise with the aim of promoting the homegrown sport in South India.

Moreover, SportsKPI is excited to announce its partnership with the Telugu Yoddhas. Our expertise in providing high-quality sports analysis and solutions induced by data and technology has so far hugely contributed across different sports. Moreover, in the Ultimate Kho Kho, SportsKPI will be intensively working with the Telugu Yoddhas and will play an integral role in player selections in the auction, pre-season analysis, player performance, player data, and many more.

Our association with the Telugu Yoddhas is the start of a truly unique partnership. The collective effort of this partnership will surely bring India’s own homegrown sport, Kho Kho to the forefront.