Athlete Fitness Monitoring in Pro Kabaddi – My Experiences

Athlete Fitness Monitoring in Pro Kabaddi – My Experiences

As the analyst , I had various role to play as a part of broadcasting team primary role was to install the devices in each and every venue. Secondary task was to install the devices to the players 30 min before the game, and the next part was to operate catapult software and the dash board. Post-match role was to download all the data from the devices used by the players, from that a detailed report of an athlete used to be generated based on his performance the second part of it was to separate all the data’s separately and share it with the broadcasting head and all the reports were sent to teams respectively.

Catapult is a player performance analysis device which is used in many of the popular sports in the world, mainly in Rugby, Cricket, Football, etc. It was started, designed and developed in Australia, it works on GPS where data is captured by radio frequency. It captures heart rate, player load, velocity, endurance and other physical attributes of an athlete, hence athlete has to wear a vest which contains heart rate monitor and GPS device in it.

    Catapult was introduced for the first time in pro kabbadi 2018. Mainly devices were used in broadcast point of view. It was used by star sports in order to promote the sport. Catapult was used to telecast live heart rate data of player and player load which was even more simplified as power bar or energy bar on the tv screen. Besides all these brodcaster used to share the player data with the respective teams and its data on every weekend.      

Overall 53 players used the devices in this season. First time when players used it they found it uncomfortable and refusing it and some took it a funnier way, when season prolonged everything went well. Besides all these it was a great experience working with broadcasting team with. Got to learn many things from the star sports professionals, graphics team and set of players around. I learnt lot of things on kabbadi tactics, teams and got good knowledge on players.

Article by @Tejas – Kabaddi Analyst